Youth Ministries

Fun.  Intense worship.  Growth in faith.  Who said all these things can’t go in the same sentence when talking about youth ministry?  At Oologah UMC, we believe that it IS possible for our students, grades 6-12, to live out their faith within the context of Christian community in such a way that engages them fully as leaders of today…not just the church of tomorrow!

Our students are engaged in a refreshingly authentic way.  Our youth ministries attempt to focus right where our students live and teach them how to be God’s young woman or man everyday in their schools, families, church, and community.

Our regular opportunity for this age group is currently Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm.  Check the church event calendar online here to also see upcoming extra opportunities for youth to gather, serve, or just plain cut up

Click here to read our current youth “growth group” opportunities.  We hope you or your student will come and check it out!

Contact / Location

Contact info

5834 East 410 Road
Oologah, OK 74053

Gathering Times

8:30am, 11:00am

Events / Calendar