Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision at Oologah United Methodist Church is to make church a verb and not just a noun anymore! We believe that dynamic and life-changing worship, heartfelt “no strings attached” service to our community, and intentionally building authentic circles of people to nurture one another through life’s challenges are the central building blocks of our approach.

Hell-Fire and Brimstone – Those Days are Gone

Oh, have we mentioned that we’re grace based?  What we mean be this is that we’re believers that the days of hell-fire and brimstone preaching, shaking the long pointy finger of shame in peoples’ faces, and judging people without listening to their life’s story–these days are gone for us!  We find that people are much more likely to make improvements in their spiritual lives when motivated by sound, biblical teaching that is delivered with a sense of grace and purpose.

All About Our Community

Our vision is huge in terms of the impact we hope to make on our community.  That’s why we do crazy things like give away hundreds of Thanksgiving meals every year and pack hundreds of backpacks filled with nutritious snacks for at-risk children every month.  It’s what compels us to worship God passionately every week on Sundays.  Our vision for a better community and world is what causes our hearts to beat a little faster.

One Person at a Time

If it were not for God’s help and the partnership of the folks who call Oologah UMC their church home, we couldn’t dream of making this type of impact upon our area.  But, God is even greater than our vision.  And so we hope to see this vision come to pass by sharing God’s love…one person at a time.

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5834 East 410 Road
Oologah, OK 74053

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8:30am, 11:00am

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